HomeBrewing 101 for a 1 Gallon Batch

8 03 2012

Nothing says micro brewing like brewing a single gallon of beer, one at one time. The following will produce a mere micro-small batch, but if done well, will provide a BIG treat of zymurgy bliss.

HomeBrewing 101 for a 1 Gallon Batch.


Pat and Denise Cruise Europe

6 03 2012

Princess Cruise

This summer we’ll be sailing the Mediterranean Sea and visiting a number of coastal cities and nations to tour the history of Rome and Greece.

Pat and Denise Cruise Europe.

The Lost Fundamental

6 03 2012

One simple move, better golf forever.

“This is an additional tool to better understand my golf teaching method and lower your score”


Tony Manzoni


Manage the ePaper Blizzard in the Digital Classroom

6 03 2012

With the emerging trend of providing each student sole access to an IPAD or NetBook,  teachers soon find themselves struggling with the management of digital assignments and assessments.  Currently Email, Dropbox, flash drives and paper printing are the primary means of sharing digital information.  Though useful when starting up a one-to-one computing environment, they fail to scale when meeting the demands of differential instruction and blended learning. In this session we’ll discuss how the TeacherEase Digital Classroom manages each student’s digital assignments, saves teacher time, and accelerates student academic growth.


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