Setup short irons front foot decision

3 10 2012

I’ve always believed a consistent swing  is dependent on a consistent set up. Unfortunately after hours and hours of tuning a setup I never found one that  never  felt right  or  provided the desire result. Fat, thin, chunks, hooks, slices all the common outcomes that cause fits in your game.  On LinkedIn, Michael Sarceno has a setup that I’ve found to be very helpful on the course. Michael says after you align 90 degrees to the target (He calls this building an H box)

“put your two feet together, if you are using a short iron place the middle of your big toe of your back foot inline with the middle of the ball. Insuring the line that is formed between your feet is 90 degrees to your target line. Be sure you keep contact with the back of your arms on your chest, your knees are flexed and that you have weight on the balls of your feet. Then step off your back foot out to a shoulders width to the outside of your foot and be absolutely sure that both toes are on an even line.”

He then goes on a states the front foot should turn towards the target by 22 degrees. When I first tried this on the course it worked! But now as I started reading about the longer irons and driver (the ball is placed towards the center and then front toe in these cases) I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly. I’ve had GREAT success doing the following: aligning to the target, centering the ball off the back big toe. stepping the back foot shoulder length back AND stepping the front foot shoulder length too, foot cocked 20ish degrees. This produces a consistent hit up to the 7 iron. With closer reading it appears I should not be moving the front foot. Is this correct I ponder.

With the longer irons I’ve place the ball in the middle, driver at my armpit and again spread my feet shoulder length with various success. Again should I be moving my left toward the target?  Practice last night confirmed my suspicions. I also found if I cock my front foot at the time both feet are together, it’s more comfortable. But I wonder now if I’m doing the Sarceno setup properly.