Our Responsibility to Search for Root Cause

17 12 2012

ImageIn light of the horrific shootings at Sandy Hook elementary, there has been a call for both more and less gun control. More gun control to  limit the ability of  criminals to obtain weaponry, less gun control to support  a better armed citizenry ready for defense. Both views disregard our responsibility;  to search for reasons an individual would be motivated to kill innocents. It’s clear this person was severely mentally ill. And given our nations decades long  malaise towards mental illness, it’s surprising there isn’t more of this. We have a responsibility to search for the root cause of these types of crimes. Gun law legislation is a case of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Why are we sinking as a society?  Don’t better solutions lie in the domain of family, education, counseling, health? Can’t we do better? 


December Epic Round

9 12 2012

Today I had a Caddyshack moment similar to the Bishop’s epic golf round in the thunderstorm. It’s late in the golf season here in Illinois and I shot a 44 this morning in the rain. Cold, chilly and my best round this year. I’m told they’ll be pulling the pins this week at Cedardell. This was probably my last round for the season. So it’s good timing to document what went right today with hopes I can review this next spring and pick up where I left off.

photo (3)

So what went right? Everything….

  1. Driving- Every single drive was playable. Not all drives were in the fairway but none lost and I played the same ball for the entire round. Zero slices. Reasons for this  consistency include stretching  my calves, hamstrings, ankles prior to the round. I felt it easy to make  full turn on the back-swing and through. I squeezed the club a bit with my right index finger and thumb to halt the club face from opening and I slightly  closed the the club face at setup and aimed  a bit left. These are things I did differently today.  Other factors that have become second nature this season was ball placement, having my weight evenly balanced, slowing my heart, swinging back slow, pausing a bit the transition and lastly thinking one smooth circle as the drive arcs around my body.
  2. Irons – My irons were very consistent. I set up to the ball (per previous posting) took one, no more than two practice swings to get the feel, then leaned the shaft towards the target and took a  smooth swing. My club choice was wise, often reaching or near the green:  P -110 yards, 9-120, 8- 130-140, 7-150+  I’ve grown infatuated with my hybrid for farther distances, hitting it similar to an iron.
  3. Chipping and Pitching – Mostly used my 60 and 56 for pitching onto the green, often very close to the pin. Used the P  if there was no elevation like a putter. Lots of practice in my little indoor pitching  net  as proven to be a great investment. Weight on the left foot, pivoting the entire body around it.
  4. Putting- I had no three putts.  All lag putts were within 3-4 ft.  I drained all short putts.  For set up I looked for a  line to the hole and visualized it. Set up to the line and looked at the hole and got a feel for the distance, pushing it on up hills and taking off heat on downhills. Once set up I brought the putter back and hit through the line, making sure the putter stayed online after the  push on the ball. And all balls were pushed, not hit. A number of times I as within inches.

The rain was cold but not much of a distraction. I arrived at the course excited and concerned it might be crowded. Surprisingly I was the only one on the course. At first it was misting, then drizzling, back to misting and eventually raining on the 9th hole. Yes it was cold and windy on top the water didn’t make much of difference on the greens as usual. Though it’s late in the year, the fairways are lush and green. The greens are fast and true. The weather was not factor for or against during this round. But I guess in most folks mind its crazy golfing in the rain.

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I’ve been feeling like I’ve gotten better this year but my scores have not reflected those thoughts.  With a goal of breaking 50 this year, I’d have never guessed a 46 in 2012.   But it’s results that matter. And here’s the results.

First Draft of New Book – Tao Te Ching of Sales

7 12 2012

I’ve authored a new eBook  titled The Tao Te Ching of Sales, a draft collection of postings regarding universal principles for sales professionals.  The book is free and I would appreciate it if you  would  share this generously with your friends, colleagues and peers. As the book states, “The Master Seller listens before talking”. Since this eBook is a draft, the author would appreciate any questions, comments or advice from the readers.

Thumbnail TTCOS

Tao Te Ching of Sales Blog

4 12 2012

I’ve decided to start a new  blog regarding universal principles for successful Master Sales professionals. It is written in the context of the ancient Chinese teacher of Lao Tze. Master sellers understand that sales cannot be forced and that in focusing on the needs of the buyer, sales close effortlessly.  It is called the Tao Te Ching of Sales and can be found at taotechingofsales.com