Our Responsibility to Search for Root Cause

17 12 2012

ImageIn light of the horrific shootings at Sandy Hook elementary, there has been a call for both more and less gun control. More gun control to  limit the ability of  criminals to obtain weaponry, less gun control to support  a better armed citizenry ready for defense. Both views disregard our responsibility;  to search for reasons an individual would be motivated to kill innocents. It’s clear this person was severely mentally ill. And given our nations decades long  malaise towards mental illness, it’s surprising there isn’t more of this. We have a responsibility to search for the root cause of these types of crimes. Gun law legislation is a case of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Why are we sinking as a society?  Don’t better solutions lie in the domain of family, education, counseling, health? Can’t we do better? 




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