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28 11 2013

My notion is to interview sales professionals who have written a book. I would think authors would be happy to be interviewed and promote themselves. I enjoy podcasts that have the vibe of an intimate conversation. I want them to share stories. My task is draw these stories out. The Avatar of my audience is a person who is new to sales or owns a small mom and pop that is struggling to grow. Despite the wonders of the Internet, there are many places where you need to make a cold call, walk up to a stranger and make your pitch. Many people dread sales and “salesmen”. The fear of meeting strangers is the elephant in the room. The idea of phoning a complete stranger and asking for their time is frightening.

Consider a podcast that addresses these fears head on. A podcast that shares tips, tricks and the vernacular of sales to novices. One that coaches non-sellers to become confident, successful and passionate sales professionals. All through the power of story.

Sales Babble will not be about me, or my guest, but it will be about the novice seller. My hope is it will sound professional and look classy. My desire is the conversations will flow easy and effortlessly and if done well, people will want to look forward to the next weeks episode.

Is this too much or too little? Have I set the bar at the correct height?




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