Sales Babble

28 11 2013

Sales Babble Old LogoI’m in the process of starting a new adventure.

After thorough consideration I’m looking to become a consultant/teacher in the area of sales. That is my expertise. I’ve been blogging for a year at the Tao Te Ching of Sales  and it’s been an extremely gratifying experience.  However  it has limits.  Instead I have decided to take the next step move on  Sales Babble. a podcast/blog focused on teaching non-sellers, sales.

I remember one rainy day a few years ago while traveling on a  sales call to  Chicago Heights when Fred Greene, an extraordinary master at podcasting called regarding GolfSmarter. He wanted to chat about  moving towards paid memberships and kindly solicited my thoughts.  We chatted briefly about podcasting and he said his one great learning was “Don’t go into Podcasting”.  Despite this warning I’ve been taking classes on internet marketing and have concluded to not take his wise advice. I have multiple vague ideas on how to monetize the site (offer online classes, consulting gigs, etc..) and  I’m going to a conference the first of year on this topic.  But  I have a full-time gig and don’t need the money.  It’s about building connections.

Given my penchant for asking questions  I think I would be good at it. I might be terrible at it. But I’d like to give it a try.




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