Studio Version 1.0, the zero episode

15 01 2014

StartI just posted a test episode that was recorded in my new podcasting studio. This episode will never be uploaded to iTunes but was created for  close friends and subscribers of the Tao Te Ching of Sales. On that  blog I’ve asked them to review and critic this effort. It’s my hope to get some solid feedback on the sound quality.  I’m also hoping they will subscribe to Sales Babble.

Go to  and listen for yourself!


Two NMX Goals This Week

10 01 2014






At NMX (fantastic event)  I created two goals I would complete this week. The two goals were:

  1. Create a SurveyMonkey on my Twitter followers  regarding the direction of the podcast
  2. Create a step by step project plan.

I’m half way done with the second. The Survey Monkey is complete:

After two tweets no takers. Hmmmmmmmm.