Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?

13 05 2013

An interesting article popped up on the Google News feed today on the Huffington Post. The premise of the article is parents are overly concerned about their children’s safety, hunger, feelings, and education. The author is determined to allow her kids be kids. Why? Because she knows in the end, it’s best way to raise happy confident successful children. I couldn’t agree more.



Providence Talks, a program to coach parents on speaking to their kids

17 04 2013

I’ve always been  interested in the value of becoming a reader and how it opens  doors to all possibility.  I just read an interesting article that extends this idea but not with the written word, but the spoken  word.  This is the  power of talking. And by talking it’s not parent commands to their kids (don’t touch that, put that down, quiet!, etc….) but real dialogue.  Researchers have found that  affluent families generate conversations and the language skills ingrained in the children are the foundation of reading. The city of Providence Rhode island is in the process of creating a program, Providence Talks,  that coaches  parents how to converse with their kids.

The Providence Talks program is based on research by Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley at the University of Kansas, who in 1995 published a book, “Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children.”

I find this a very interesting idea.  Let’s wish them the best of luck!