Homebrewing 101 in a One Gallon Batch

January 2nd, 2012

Nothing says micro brewing like brewing a single
gallon of beer, one at one time. The following will
produce a mere micro-small batch, but if done
well, will provide a BIG treat of zymurgy bliss.
Good luck!
Pat and Chris Helmers

Cleaning Preparation:
1. Chill 1 gallon of water
2. Sanitize everything you’ll use to cook and
1. Pour 1 quart of water into a pot
2. Depending on recipe, add crystal malt
(cracked an in a mesh bag)
3. Heat water to between 150-170 F
4. Let cool 15-30 minutes to extract malt
5. Add malts and hops
6. Bring water to boil 5 minutes (Make sure it
doesn’t boil over)
7. Add finishing hops for 2-3 minutes
1. Pour wort into gallon jug of remaining
water, strain out hops
2. Check temperature, let cool to room
temperatures – 72F
3. When temperature is ready, pitch 1/2 pack
of yeast
4. Place stopper with blow off tube into jug,
place other end in another jug, into water to
halt introduction wild yeast

1. In one day fermentation should start, and
continue violently, creating foam to escape
blow off tube
2. As fermentation slows replace blow off tube
with fermentation lock
3. After a week proceed to bottle or rack for
secondary fermentation by pouring or
1. Sanitized bottles and caps
2. Add 9 tsp of priming sugar to fermented
3. Stir with siphon
4. Fill bottles
5. Cap
1. Wait one week
2. Chill bottle
3. Uncap, pour into glass
4. Critique and enjoy fresh beer




Measure conversions:
6 tsp = 1 oz
8 oz = 1 cup
16 oz = 1 lb
2 cup = 1 lb
2 cup = 1 pint
2 pint = 1 qt
4 qt = 1 gallon


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