Fred Greene from Golf Smarter

16 12 2013

I interviewed Fred Greene yesterday from the Golf Smarter podcast. Fred has been producing Golf Smarter since 2005 and is ranked as golf’s most popular podcast since early 2006. In 2013 he surpassed 7 million total downloads. Fred has built a loyal, global community of golf consumers, one of which is myself. As a long time listener I consider Fred the benchmark for a quality podcast. I was honored to ask him a number of questions. We talked about many things but his primary advice was:

“I’m never sure what the first question will be, I just ask and listen. Listening is necessary for a great interview”.

Fred’s thoughts echo what I’ve heard from other podcasters. But more importantly his advice agrees with my views of great sales. It’s not about overwhelming the buyer with information, but drawing out their desires.

Secondly he focused advice on engaging the audience:

“If you educate, they’ll listen, if you sell, the audience will run in the other direction.”

I must always keep the audience in the center of my mind.  They are the reason for  this new  podcast.  Without them there is no podcast.

These quotes are  just a smattering of Fred’s advice,  but it confirmed that I’m going down the right path with Sales Babble. I truly appreciated the opportunity to have Fred share a bit of his wisdom. I’m moving forward.