Coaching discovery questions

6 12 2013

question markI’m working with some small businesses. They have a passion for what they do, but they don’t know much about sales. I fact often times they deplore sales yet they know they need to become sales proficient in order to grow the business. Cold calling can be very difficult for these people. Calling on strangers is a real challenge. But if you don’t have a huge marketing budget, it’s an inexpensive alternative for finding prospective opportunities Maybe I can help.

Here are some of the questions I ask prior to meeting :

  • Why did you take this job?
  • What sales experience, if any, have you had in the past?
  • What opportunities do you see in this profession?
  • Name three challenges you most fear in this position?
  • What are three goals you have for this position?
  • What is the one thing you would like to learn that would ensure this was a terrific coaching opportunity?

As in sales, it’s important to understand the needs and desires of prospective customers. If you can understand a persons gaps and motivations, you’re in a far better position to help.